Enrollment of MacBook devices is required on all VCSU assigned Macs to get updates, upgrades, applications and bookmarks.

Verify connected to network connection.

1. Open Safari and go to: https://vcsu.jamfcloud.com/enroll

2. Enter your NDUS credentials (ex. first.last) and click Login. 

3. Click Continue when prompted to install MDM profile. Click Install to confirm. 

4. System Preferences with open and prompt to install the profile, click Install.

5. If prompted for computer credentials, enter those.

4. Once installed, close the Profiles window and browser.

NOTE- You may have to go Allow access for these programs in System Preferences.

NOTE- On previous versions of MacOS, you may be required to download installer for Certificate and Profile.  If prompted to save installer, do so, open your downloads folder, right click on recent download and select Open, Confirm Yes if prompted, complete installation and when finished you should be notified that Enrollment is Complete. 

At this point, your Mac will begin to download and install additional apps such as VCSU Self Service and profile settings from Jamf. Applications will be installed in the Applications folder.

VCSU Self Service allows you to download Microsoft Office suite and MacBook updates.

NOTE- VCSU Self Service may take a few minutes to install and must be left on network to complete installation. 

Install Microsoft Office through VCSU Self Service:

1. Open the Self Service app.

2. Click Install on the Microsoft Office-Full app.

3. Follow the default prompts to continue the installation.